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Welcome to the World’s Toughest Podcast, where we talk about any Obstacle Course Race you’d like, as long as it's World’s Toughest Mudder. Each week we talk to members of the WTM Community and share stories of success and failure in the single greatest event in OCR. The Worlds Toughest Podcast is a production of Contender Media and is not affiliated with Tough Mudder or TMHQ. Opinions expressed are those of the host and guest and are not necessarily the opinions of Tough Mudder. But they might be.
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Jan 29, 2018
TMHQ hosts a large brunch the day after World’s Toughest Mudder. It’s a celebration of the event, the winners, and the community. After brunch Will sat down with Sue Harvey Brown, Kris Mendoza, and Kris’ parents, Katie and Danny Mendoza.
As part of her job for Merrell Sue is the liaison to Tough Mudder and the WTM Community. But she’s also a part of the community. She ran two Toughest Mudders in 2017 as well as World’s Toughest Mudder. She talks about her experience on the course as well as what Merrell has coming up in 2018.
Kris Mendoza is one of only seven people on the planet who have run 100 miles at WTM. He won 3rd place at WTM 2016 and was part of Team USA 8 that ran 120 miles at WTM 2017. He is the only OCR athlete we know of with his own theme song.
Katie and Danny Mendoza are Kristopher’s parents. They worked pit crew for Kris and his team. They talk about how proud they are of their son, but also how it feels as a parent to know your son is out on the course freezing cold and suffering.
They gave Will one of their limited edition DOZA hats. He wears it everywhere now.
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