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Jul 4, 2018


Toughest Mudder East was held last week in Boston, with Shaun Stephens-Whale and Allison Tai taking home the win for the men and women.

We talk with Shaun and Allison about their wins, the course, and their plans for the rest of the Tough Mudder season.

Before we talk with Shaun and Allison we talk about some news in Tough Mudder and around the OCR world. Our News segment of the program has been growing lately. What do you think about it? Let us know in a review on Apple Podcasts or

Speaking of reviews, what do you think about our new "Five Stars" intro? Will covets your feedback.


0:00 Intro

1:00 “On today’s Show…”

3:11 Fourth of July birthdays

4:00 Tough Mudder News

4:06 Lindsay Webster wins another race

4:26 2019 Tough Mudder Dates have begun trickling out

5:32 Tough Mudder debuts in Oman

6:11 European OCR Championships featuring Jon Albon

8:06 Spartan wants to give away $1,000,000

11:40 Tougher Mudder European Championship race

11:55 Toughest Mudder East results

14:02 “FIVE STARS”

15:16 How to be a part of the show

15:54 Our talk with Allison Tai

31:09 Our talk with Shaun Stephens-Whale

44:20 Outro


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