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Welcome to the World’s Toughest Podcast, where we talk about any Obstacle Course Race you’d like, as long as it's World’s Toughest Mudder. Each week we talk to members of the WTM Community and share stories of success and failure in the single greatest event in OCR. The Worlds Toughest Podcast is a production of Contender Media and is not affiliated with Tough Mudder or TMHQ. Opinions expressed are those of the host and guest and are not necessarily the opinions of Tough Mudder. But they might be.
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Jan 24, 2018

Team Fat Boys is four people that Will Hicks has been friends with for over 20 years. Scott Forrester, Joel George, Nate Swanson, and Rachelle Swanson ran WTM 2017 as a National Relay Team, United States #3. They finished in 10th place overall, 3rd in the U.S.

2017 was the second WTM for Nate Swanson and Joel George and the first for Scott Forrester and Rachelle Swanson. All four members of the team are much older than the average athlete at WTM, with an average age somewhere in the low to mid 40’s. They talk about managing expectation for running WTM when you're in your 40’s.


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Mar 14, 2017

Melissa “Sharkbait” Dugan joins us again, and Carlo Piscitello of the Pis-n-Cox show joins us for the first time.

Sharkbait joins us to talk about the 2017 Season Opener in New Orleans, Louisiana. Houses have been rented and shenanigans have been planned. Also, they’re running a Tough Mudder. Sharkbait also updates us on the latest in the rap battle feud between Keith Allen, Matty Gregg, and Kris Mendoza.

Carlo Piscitello is the Pis half of the world famous Pis-n-Cox show, now showing exclusively on YouTube. Carlo talks about the origins of the show and how he and Josh Cox went from 300 viewers to 30,000+ on Tough Mudder’s Facebook page. Also, we commiserate over our inability to hit the bell on King of the Swingers.

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