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Jan 4, 2018

Welcome back!

This is the first episode of Season Two, but it is not a typical episode. MATURE content warning.

We sat down with Ryan Woods and Evan Perperis to talk about Ryan's recent failed drug test at OCR World Championships. Ryan has admitted to taking the banned substance DHEA but has said he took it accidentally, mistaking it for the approved substance DHA. Evan has said on his Strength and Speed podcast that he believes Ryan is lying about taking the substance accidentally. Evan has said he thinks Ryan took it intentionally and got caught.

Both Evan and Ryan wanted to talk this out in a neutral forum. Matt B. Davis of ORM recommended our podcast and Evan and Ryan agreed. We are happy to provide a level playing field.

The conversation got heated. This is NOT an episode where your kids can listen along with you.


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  • three and a half months ago
    Don B
    I still have no idea if Ryan took the DHEA accidentally or not, and since the sanctions have been addressed I really don’t care. But have to commend him for being well prepared for this interview. As for Evan, I hope that he realizes how petty, insecure and unprepared he sounded in this episode. If I were him I would be hanging my head in shame
  • three and a half months ago
    Jake (DPT)
    Ryan did a great job of using logic and science with thoughtful responses to explain himself. He had already won the discussion and Evan was already looking bad, BUT THEN 32 minutes in and Ryan GOES OFF! Talk about overkill. RIP Evan.
  • three and a half months ago
    This was the greatest OCR podcast episode of all time. Ryan Woods made all of Evans points sound foolish. Evan came off sounding petty and misinformed on nearly every topic. Ryan was way more prepared to discuss topics.

    I will be honest, I have never heard of Evan or his podcast before. I don't see how I would ever listen to it now either. He does not sound like what he is talking about. Which is a shame, because it looks like some of his past podcasts may be worth listening to. How would I trust anything this guy says though?
  • three and a half months ago
    Sending Woodsy a gift basket for this one💙
  • three and a half months ago
    I can’t believe this idiot Evan has the guts to even show is face. He is a complete wanna be that has nothing better to do then try an slander others to help cover up how pathetic of a person he is. You can clearly tell that he is just jealous of REAL athletes & will do anything to tear them down. Any person that will publicly shame another person without knowing the facts or doing any research deserves more punishment, at least Ryan was able to expose how stupid & insecure Evan really is on this podcast, i feel like it’s still not enough. I guess we will just have to deal with the terrible, worthless humans like Evan no matter what.
  • three and a half months ago
    RYAN woods is the man, I have complete respect for him. I 1000% believe that RYAN made an accidental mistake. And Evan is an arrogant, beat on my chest wanna be.